Protecting Your Interests During Business Dissolution Proceedings

There are multiple factors that may ultimately lead a company's key decision-makers to choose to dissolve their business. The business may have become unprofitable, they are failing to achieve their corporate goals or they are simply looking to explore new pursuits. Understanding the best way to proceed with dissolution will vary from business to business. A trusted business lawyer can help you understand your options and advise you throughout the process.

For more than 25 years, the attorneys at DeCandido & Azachi have provided comprehensive commercial law services to small and midsized businesses in Queens, Nassau County and throughout New York City. Whether you are looking to dissolve your business or are in the midst of litigation stemming from the dissolution, our lawyers offer the strategic, results-oriented counsel you need.

Efficient, Value-Added Solutions

Business dissolution may be either voluntary or involuntary. Whereas voluntary dissolution is a relatively straightforward process, involuntary dissolution is not. Since the parties involved are often close friends or family members who have known each other for decades, these conflicts can quickly become emotionally charged and highly complex matters.

We understand the costs prolonged litigation poses, which is why we seek to reach a positive outcome in a time-effective manner. We actively negotiate for a settlement that fairly distributes the assets and liabilities of the company to all parties. In situations where a settlement is not in your best interest, you can feel confident knowing our attorneys are preparing for court during every phase of this process. This strategic, personalized approach helps to minimize the risk you face while always working toward an effective final solution.

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