Helping Business Obtain The Financial Capital They Need

There are situations where businesses may need to raise additional capital to finance a new investment project. While there are several different entities who may be involved with financing a business, including banks, angel investors and venture capitalists, their end goal is to get a return on their investment. Working with a lawyer who understands the legal procedures for corporate fundraising can help protect your business's long-term financial outlook while better ensuring investors recover their funding.

At DeCandido & Azachi, we work with small and midsized businesses to obtain financing in a way that seeks to position your business up for sustained financial success. Our goal is to obtain the capital you need in a manner that does not hinder the long-term financial security of your business.

As part of our full complement of business law services, we can assist with the following corporate fundraising matters:

  • Drafting private placement memorandums
  • Presenting any relevant disclosures
  • Organizing a comprehensive investment package

Close Guidance From Start To Finish

No matter how much capital a business is looking to raise, how complex the package is or how many investors are involved, all businesses will need to engage in the following two actions:

  • Corporate financial housekeeping: Businesses need to ensure their financial house is in order and have all financial documentation in place before seeking outside capital.
  • Conduct a presentation of your company: Federal law outlines clear regulations for how you may present your company to investors and what risks and potential issues you must disclose.

Whether you are seeking capital to start your business or are looking to expand, we know how important this issue is for you. Our attorneys work closely with each of our clients, providing the focused attention you deserve throughout this process on all phases of the corporate fundraising process.

We understand the value of a successful resolution, and we will work to leverage our knowledge and resources to obtain that outcome.

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