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Comprehensive General Counsel And Business Services For New York Businesses

At DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC, we recognize that businesses in Forest Hills, Queens, Nassau County and across the U.S. require legal guidance for numerous reasons. Whether you’re launching a startup, acquiring a new company, or facing legal challenges, our business law attorneys are here to support your endeavors.

Our firm’s co-founder, Bill DeCandido, brings a wealth of experience as a general business counsel attorney across various sectors. Bill is committed to building lasting relationships with his clients. He takes the time to understand your specific situations and risk tolerances. His approach caters to those seeking a trusted advisor without the overhead of full-time in-house counsel. His extensive experience, particularly with biotech, medical devices, and food distribution companies, extends across the country, allowing him to provide informed and strategic legal counsel.

Our Wide Range Of Corporate Law Services

Our legal business counsel includes a cohesive suite of business and commercial law services. Their goal is always to facilitate the success and protection of your interests. They provide counsel for the following matters:

  • Corporate formation: We help new firms identify and establish the right business structure that fits their long-term needs.
  • Contract drafting: Strong contracts are critical for your business’s success. We can help you draft a wide range of legally sound contracts, including employment, consulting and shareholder contracts.
  • Commercial disputes: A dispute over contracts, labor, shareholder agreements or another conflict can jeopardize a company’s future. We will provide the strong defense you need and advocate for your interests in court when necessary.
  • Corporate fundraising: If your firm is looking to raise capital, we will help you fully understand the terms of the funding while adhering to all federal disclosure regulations.
  • Outside business counsel: We can be the dedicated solution to the legal needs of your business.
  • Asset purchases: When companies are looking to purchase additional assets, we help to ensure the deal is structured properly and that they avoid unnecessary liability.
  • Business dissolution: If you are looking to dissolve your business, we will work with you to find the best method for your unique situation.

Our team offers the intellect, experience, and personalized attention that small businesses and midsized companies need to thrive. We know how to solve complex and challenging legal issues. We keep you informed at each phase while developing a strong plan protecting your business’s bottom line.

Building Strategies Proactively That Mitigate Risk

In the dynamic landscape of business, identifying and mitigating risks is crucial for sustainability and growth. We prioritize understanding your business’s unique risk profile. We work closely with you to pinpoint potential legal issues before they arise, offering preemptive advice and strategies to minimize exposure.

Whether it’s navigating regulatory compliance, managing contractual obligations or securing intellectual property, our proactive approach is designed to fortify your business against uncertainties.

Adeptly Litigating Any Commercial Contract Disputes

You do not need an in-house attorney to obtain personalized litigation counsel. Our contract dispute lawyers are prepared to represent you in pretrial negotiations and litigation as needed.

Collaborate with our attorneys to explain the legal options and develop a comprehensive strategy for settlement negotiations, litigation and trial. Let us handle the legal matters so that you can keep a laser focus on operating and growing your company.

Contact Our Forest Hills Business Lawyers For A Complimentary Consultation

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