Helping Businesses Obtain Needed Financial Capital

Businesses may need to raise additional capital to take full advantage of opportunities. While there are several entities that may be involved with financing — such as, banks, angel investors and venture capitalists — their end goal is to get a return on their investment.

Working with a lawyer at DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC in Forest Hills who understands the legal procedures for corporate fundraising can help protect your company’s long-term financial outlook. As part of our business law services, we can assist companies with drafting private placement memorandums, compiling and presenting relevant disclosures as well as organizing a comprehensive investment package.

What to consider when deciding how much money to raise?

No matter how much capital a business is looking to raise, how complex the package is or how many investors are involved, all businesses will need to engage in the following two actions:

  • Corporate financial housekeeping. Businesses need to ensure their financial house is in order and have all financial documentation in place before seeking outside capital.
  • Conducting a presentation of their company. Federal law outlines clear regulations for how they may present their company to investors, and what risks and potential issues they must disclose.

Going through this process we will help you in figuring out how much money you need to get started. While you are thinking about how much money you will need to get started, remember that there will always be unexpected expenses. Try to plan your startup costs so that you will not lose ground because of something unanticipated.

How can angel investors and venture capitalists help?

Any outside party investing in your business does so with the intent to earn a return on their investment. Getting an angel investor or venture capitalist onboard can be a drawn-out process. Investors want a clear picture of the future of your business and may want a significant amount of control in making decisions for your company. The attorneys at DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC, can help you set clear expectations so that you understand what your investors plan to get in return for their funding.

What about a business loan?

Launching a new business can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. While you may look forward to the independence, a new business can require a lot of money to get started. One of the ways to get your startup capital is through a business loan.

A business loan can be a helpful starting block for your company. Often small-business owners are trying focus on their core business, but lack cashflow for daily operations. A loan can relieve some of the pressures arising from operating costs.

Whether you are seeking capital to start your business, we know how important this issue is for you. Our attorneys work closely with our clients throughout all phases of the corporate fundraising process.

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