Comprehensive Legal Services For Small And Midsized New York Businesses

There are many reasons why a business may need the counsel of a skilled business law attorney. These situations may be positive, including the formation of a new business or the purchase of another firm. They may also pose long-term risks to your business if contract or commercial litigation surfaces against you or your business.

DeCandido & Azachi offers the intellect, experience and personalized attention small and midsized business in Queens, Nassau County and throughout New York City need to thrive. Whether your business is looking to expand or you need the assistance of seasoned litigation lawyers, we know how to solve your legal issues. We keep you fully informed at every phase of our case while developing a strong plan that protects your business's bottom line.

Our Corporate Law Services

Our attorneys offer a full complement of commercial law services, providing counsel for the following matters:

  • Corporate formation: We help new firms identify and establish the right business structure that fits their long-term needs.
  • Contract drafting: Strong contracts are critical for your business' success. We can help you draft a wide range of legally sound contracts, including employment, consulting and shareholder contracts.
  • Commercial disputes: A dispute over contracts, labor, shareholder agreements or another conflict can jeopardize a business's future. We will provide the strong defense you need and will advocate for your interests in court when necessary.
  • Corporate fundraising: If your firm is looking to raise capital, we will help you fully understand the terms of the funding while adhering to all federal disclosure regulations.
  • Asset purchases: When businesses are looking to purchase additional assets, we help to ensure the deal is structured properly and that they avoid unnecessary liability.
  • Business dissolution: If you are looking to dissolve your business, we will work with you to find the best method for your unique situation.

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