Delivering Smart Solutions For Your Personal And Business Concerns

Strategic Asset Protection For Over 30 Years

DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC, prioritizes thoughtful, effective resolutions for clients in Forest Hills, Queens, Nassau County and the surrounding communities within the state of New York and beyond. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and use this information to develop creative, sophisticated answers personalized to your needs. Our practice primarily focuses on asset protection through estate planning solutions and general counsel for businesses of all sizes.

Our co-founder, Bill DeCandido, leverages his diverse background as a general practice attorney to enhance our suite of services. His extensive knowledge spans various industries, including biotech, medical devices and food distribution, providing a breadth of insight that is instrumental in addressing the intricacies of your business operations and strategies.

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Our unwavering commitment is to deliver thoughtful, strategic solutions tailored to each client’s unique objectives. With a thorough understanding of estate planning and business law, our firm ensures that your wealth is safeguarded and seamlessly transferred to future generations.

Harmonizing Estate Planning And General Business Counsel

The synergy between our estate planning and general business counsel services is the core of our practice. Both domains demand a comprehensive legal understanding to navigate the multifaceted challenges that businesses and individuals face. Our attorneys possess a profound grasp of the law, allowing them to offer guidance that encompasses all legal facets, from corporate governance to succession planning.

Personalized Plans For Every Client

We believe that the most successful client-attorney relationships occur when the client receives full information about their options and the proposed legal strategy. We create a comprehensive estate plan or asset protection plan early in the process alongside our clients. By working to understand your concerns, we can create well-rounded solutions that solve your case in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our lawyers approach every issue on a case-by-case basis. We know that your family or your business has unique legal needs, and we act with diligence to better ensure we are only acting with your long-term needs in mind.

We Take Your Assets As Seriously As You Do

Your assets and aspirations are of paramount importance to us. That is why we treat them with the same level of seriousness that you do. We place great emphasis on protecting what matters most to you. For clients with complex holdings such as expansive real estate portfolios, we devise robust strategies to shield these investments from legal vulnerabilities, ensuring that your legacy endures. Together, let’s safeguard your assets for the journey ahead.

Join Us In Protecting Your Future

We are committed to positioning your case in the strongest manner possible to help you get the answers you need that allow you to move beyond these legal matters. We invite you to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys in more detail. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling our Forest Hills office at 718-690-7715 or by completing our online contact form.