Helping You With All Aspects Of Probate Proceedings

The lawyers at DeCandido & Azachi, PLLC have worked extensively on complex and highly contentious probate matters in Queens, Nassau County and throughout New York City. We provide legal counsel to executors and beneficiaries who need help navigating the probate process or litigation in Surrogate’s Court. We focus on finding effective solutions to quickly resolve any probate-related issues you and your family are facing.

New York’s Probate Process

Unless the decedent died with less than $30,000 in personal property, there is a high likelihood that some portion of the estate will go through probate. This is a formal process, filed with the Surrogate’s Court, that outlines how the executor will pay debts and distribute assets to the heirs.

This process is complex, and it is often difficult for executors to know how best to act. We work closely with executors throughout New York City to ensure they are accurately completing every phase of the probate process. If you are the subject of any litigation in Surrogate’s Court, you can feel confident knowing that our skilled trial attorneys will establish a strong defense for you.

Intestate Administration

When individuals die without a will, they are said to have died intestate. Their estate will typically not go through New York’s probate process. Instead, the Surrogate’s Court will issue letters of administration that appoints an administrator to act on behalf of the estate. New York’s intestate laws clearly identify who may be the administrator and how to distribute the estate. We work closely with these appointed administrators to ensure they fully comply with all of New York’s laws.

Probate Disputes

When considering how emotional this time is and how complex New York’s probate process is, there is the potential for a serious dispute to arise. Beneficiaries may contest a will or claim that the executor failed to uphold their fiduciary duty. A Surrogate’s Court judge will ultimately resolve these matters.

Our attorneys appear in Surrogate’s Court at least once a week and have represented parties on all sides of contentious probate litigation. We work to find the most efficient resolution possible, while preparing for the possibility of a trial at all stages.

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